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There are a lot of possibilities for sightseeing in the town Ljubno ob Savinji and its surrounding (Zgornja Savinjska valley).

We recommend next cultural and historical sightseeing:
- lumbering and rafting collection in Ljubno ob Savinji
- forestry museum in Nazarje
- old cloister library in Nazarje
- treasury of mass coats in Radmirje
- Goran Horvat gallery

We recommend next nature sightseeing:
- Logarska valley with a waterfall Rinka (spring of river Savinja) and old Logar linden tree
- Matkov kot
- Robanov kot
- Snow cave (ice stalactites and stalagmites all year)
- Potočka zijalka (prehistoric findings)
- Mozirski Gaj (Flower park)

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